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Professional Solution - Aquabuddy-Pro


Having a shower or bath is a normal and easy operation, but not so easy for those people, that for several reasons, cannot move from their own beds. Unfortunately in their daily life bedridden people, are usually exposed to several distresses such as painful movements, temperature leaps, fallings, psychological disorders etc..
Moreover, the hygiene care of pelvis is nowadays one of the most distressful and in the same time essential activity to carry out in order to maintain the person clean and healthy. 

How to avoid such kind of problems? Easy! The solution is AQUABUDDY-PRO!
Aquabuddy-Pro is the latest solution for solve all those problems related with the hygiene care of bedridden people. It is a portable bath, capable to turn every bed in an actual bathtub. It has a sink, shower and tap; it warms the water up at the desired temperature. A rolling up hose sucks immediately out all the wastewater. The device has, as a standard equipment, a hair dryer, that can dry up all the wet body parts, helping to reduce the risks of infections and decubitus. Especially in case of bedsores is highly recommended to maintain such wounds clean and dry, in order to avoid complications that can lead fatal consequences. 

How is a bed bath carried out? 
Nothing easier! Above the mattress, under the patient, a waterproof disposable sheet is placed and keeps tight trough special clutches, and then a normal shower is carried out.
When a full bath is not needed, an inflatable basin can be used for cleaning located body parts, such as pelvis, head, harms, legs etc..